Risky Business: 2-Book Box Set

Witty and Classy - Irreverent, yet Touching

 Revealing Rebecca: She’s the good twin …until she’s coerced by a hunky detective into assuming a new identity as an exotic dancer.

When a straight-laced librarian is forced to help a hot police detective solve a murder, she must pose as her twin sister, who bares it all for a living. She discovers a wild side she never knew existed. And when she catches the eye of the crooked club owner, her lawman must cover her in every way.

Rebecca Morgan is the “good twin.” She never understood her twin Angie’s wild career choices, until mistaken identity brings detective Jack Delancey to her door in Boise, Idaho with an arrest warrant. To save Angie from jail, Rebecca dons six-inch heels, learns moves like the Crawling Wildcat, and discovers a shockingly sensual side she didn’t know she had. Worse, when she dances, it’s all for Jack—but will he still want her once he gets his evidence … and she puts her clothes back on?

Jack Delancey will do anything to get the crime boss who murdered his uncle—and was then freed because of Jack’s mistake. To restore justice, he needs vital evidence from one of the man’s strip club employees. But when she’s sidelined by illness, he must persuade her twin to take her place on stage. Just one problem—the sweet librarian tosses his willpower away along with her clothing. And when the pursuit turns deadly, Jack must decide if getting his man is worth losing his woman.

Hazard Play: Going undercover in Lake Tahoe may be more than a gamble—it may be hazardous to her heart.

When a bounty hunter goes after an asthmatic embezzler, he hires a home health care nurse to safely bring back his man. They head out on a peaceful jaunt to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. But when they hit the casinos, instead of a thief spending embezzled cash, they find the existence of a massive scheme to defraud the innocent. With danger looming and attraction sizzling between them, their mission becomes a hazard play in more ways than one.

Nurse Tess Hazard is ready for a change. She’s been burned before by a smooth-talking man, so when she agrees to work with the handsome, motorcycle riding bounty hunter, she’s determined to keep her distance. But as their search throws them together and tension builds, something’s gotta give … like Tess’s willpower and maybe even her heart.

SD Bailey just needs one more score before he ends his bounty hunting days. He’ll go out in style if he earns the bounty placed on an embezzler by a big corporation. Taking a pretty blonde nurse along for the score is a bonus. But when passion flares and danger threatens, there’s more at stake than money.

Can he keep Tess safe and then walk away with his prize … or is the biggest hazard of all to his heart?