Risky Business

I'm proud to release my 2-book box set of romantic suspense novels.

Finding Rebecca: She’s the good twin …until she’s coerced by a hunky detective into assuming a new identity as an exotic dancer.

Hazard Play: Going undercover in Lake Tahoe may be more than a gamble—it may be hazardous to her heart.


Janis McCurry

I write romance because I believe in happy endings, whether with a first-time love or a second chance love. An inveterate reader and moviegoer, I like romantic comedies, drama, and adventure themes. I write romantic suspense and contemporary novels, and the occasional paranormal light.

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Here’s what some of my readers had to say!

YOU BELONG TO ME: I loved this novella by Ms. McCurry. It was warm, humorous, tender, and with a sweet ending. The sassy heroine drew me right in. A fun, must read for a delightful afternoon.

Superb. When a book starts out with “Rebecca Morgan’s right pastie fell off as she opened her car door …” you know there has to be a good story to follow. Such was the case with “FINDING REBECCA.” The writing is clever and smart — a notch above any other romance novel author I’ve read.

I loved the characters in HAZARD PLAY. I can imagine having nurse Tess Hazard as a friend and bounty hunter SD Bailey is a heartthrob. Throw in an asthmatic embezzler and McCurry has written a winner.

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