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Bonus Content

pizza oven

Outdoor Pizza Oven

My writing partner, Lynn Mapp, and I are writing Autumn, the second book of the Matchmaker Chronicles series. I found this outdoor pizza oven that I love, so I’m using it as inspiration for a scene.

Ferry from Anacortes

We took the ferry from Anacortes to get to Friday Harbor. The only other way to get to the islands is by seaplane.
The streets are clean and there are lots of flowers and benches to sit on and enjoy the weather.

Whale Watching

We were fortunate on our whale watching tour to see a juvenile humpback whale, which we were told was a fairly rare occurrence in these waters.

Research Fun

It’s easier to describe a house you’re writing about if you have a picture of it. In Autumn: Book Two of the Matchmaker Chronicles, I describe a craftsmen-style home. I have a friend who lives in one, so I got her permission to take pictures. In the book, I wrote about the wainscoting, beam ceilings, porch, backyard. It provides more depth for the reader.

First Book Signing

I was with my writing partner, Lynn Mapp, and we had a blast! This was our first book in The Matchmaker Chronicles series called Summer. The second book in the series is called Autumn and will be out September 1st, 2017.

I was also selling Hazard Play and Revealing Rebecca.

First Book Plaque

IMy local writing chapter—Coeur Du Bois Chapter-RWA— awards our members with a first published book plaque. Here are a few of our members.
Starting with yours truly, my first book plaque is for Hazard Play.

Peggy Staggs

Peggy Staggs writes Mysteries and achieved her plaque for House at Road’s End. Visit her website at

Judy Keim

Judy Keim writes Romantic Women’s Fiction and received her plaque for The Talking Tree. Visit her website at

Lynn Mapp

Lynn Mapp writes Contemporary Romance and her first book plaque was for SUMMER: Book One of the Matchmaker Chronicles. Visit Lynn’s Amazon Author Page.

My Sisters

I have three sisters. One older and two younger. We all live in town and between 5 and 20 minutes of one another. We’re in contact weekly and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I dedicated a book to them because I don’t know what I’d do without them. 

Since I know them very well, I’m sure I can’t get permission to put their pictures up. So…Here is one of the fun things we did. Throughout the year, we met on holidays and took pictures of our socks. Then the sister who is the “crafty” one put them together in a collage.

Here is the result and the closest you’ll get to seeing my sisters.

My Mom

This was a portrait made from her high school graduation picture. I think she was adorable. She would do anything for her girls. She taught us everything my sisters and I learned about family. I was so proud the day I got to dedicate a book in her name!

My Son

My son Rich is the best thing I ever created. He works too much in his chosen field, but he’s generous and kind. He didn’t go through a rebellious phase and I’m so grateful. I sometimes think to myself it was good I only had one child because Rich broke the mold. Of course, this is my completely unbiased opinion! 

I’m hoping I get by with this profile-only picture. I couldn’t find any of his feet. Yeah, I didn’t ask if it was okay to put this up. A mother should have some perks. Still, let’s not tell him, okay? When the kids were in Hawaii, they visited the LOST series TV set and this is a recreation of a scene on the abandoned set of the show.

My Daughter-in-Law

Karly is my daughter-in-law and I hit the jackpot in that gamble. She works hard and still has time to publish articles in her field. We talk about books, movies, writing, and anything else you could think of. She is truly the daughter of my heart.


Members of my local writing group meet at the Lucky Perk once a month for what we call a “Write-In.” For a couple of hours, whoever wants to can write. Sometimes, there are six, sometimes, three. The point is to get away from the distractions of your home. It’s quite an experience to see a group of silent people typing away on their novels. Now sometimes, we talk about the writing business, sometimes help a writer with a problem. I enjoy going as often as I can.

Critique Sessions

I meet twice a week for critique sessions with other(s), reading my work, taking feedback, sobbing hysterically because a scene isn’t working, etc. Perfecting the writing craft is hard and ongoing, but I get immense satisfaction from the hard work.
We meet at Aero Caffe, a wonderful coffee shop with great employees. When we want to research social or cultural norms in millennials, we ask the barista. One example was when my writing partner and I wrote what we thought was a funny club scene. We asked the barista to read it and she laughed! Yay, us.