You Belong To Me: A Copper Mills Novella

Witty and Classy - Irreverent, yet Touching

You Belong To MeShe loves her Harley and the open road.
He doesn’t believe in love.
Their passion burns white hot.
But she’s just passing through.

With his fear of being left behind and her thirst for the open road, who will be the first to say, “You Belong to Me”?

Copper Mills residents agree Gabe Clayton is a pain-in-the-ass. He returns the sentiment. He stays for his father—and because he doesn’t know where the hell he’d go.

Coming from a family of adventurers, Montana Jones can’t imagine settling in one place where there are so many others to explore. Copper Mills looks like a great place to take a break and earn some cash playing her guitar.

What they both think is the perfect no-strings relationship goes awry when they find they want more. Much more.

Get your copy of You Belong To Me today because everyone should belong to someone.