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Daring: Book 2 of The Berenger Brothers


A man with barricades guarding his heart.
The woman whose love can knock down those walls

David Berenger is living his best life as a guide at an outdoor adventure camp in the Colorado mountains. He avoids those who want to dig into his personal life, especially reporters. They hounded him and his family after an unspeakable tragedy. David doesn’t plan on liking the reporter he’s been saddled with to guide, much less fall for her.

As a photojournalist, Clare Murphy travels the world. She loves her demanding career and sees long-term relationships as a deterrent to her success. It takes all of her patience to put up with the belligerent “mountain man” who’s assigned to her when she does a piece about the camp.

Their long journey from enemies to lovers is strewn with emotional boulders that rival hiking the San Juan Mountains. Murphy breaks through every barrier David’s put up to protect his heart. Everything about her dares him to love her. It’s up to him to show her that what they have is worth taking the risk.

AVAILABLE IN: PaperBack, eBook

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