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Autumn: Book Two of The Matchmaker Chronicles


Margaritas and meddling mommas create an intoxicating mix of romance and fireworks. Best friends Maggie Barnes and Rina Thorn are fresh off a successful matchmaking venture and are eager to help two new “clients” find love.

Allegra Highland didn’t ask to be matched. Raised by her 60’s hippie-culture grandparents, she’s adventurous and always open to opportunities. As long as the two matchmakers don’t expect her to marry, it’s a win-win. There’s no way she’s going to get her heartbroken when it doesn’t work out. Prominent landscape architect, Reese Walker, lost his wife in a car accident five years ago and guards his heart. He’s not anxious to commit either, but he can’t help feeling more alive than he has since his wife died—because of Allegra. He’s shaken by their intense attraction. Aren’t his feelings for Allegra a betrayal to his beloved wife?

Quinn Baxter is an entrepreneur who always has a plan. He’s ready for the next phase of his life … marriage and family, but without the complication of love. He’s learned from his troubled childhood that love doesn’t exist for him. He’ll do whatever it takes, even when Rina suggests a makeover to attract the perfect woman. He already knows the woman who fits his requirements. His choice for an ideal wife is TeOnna Roberts, Rina’s niece. The only man she’d ever loved betrayed her trust and she’s not ready to date, much less be any man’s perfect wife. She’ll help Quinn with his makeover, even though she thinks he’s smart, funny, and already perfect. The more time she spends with Quinn, the harder she falls for him. And that can’t happen. Aside from the “no love” condition he’s placed on his plan, she’s not sure she can ever trust her feelings again.

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