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Defiant: Book 3 of The Berenger Brothers


A man with barricades guarding his heart.
The woman whose love can knock down those walls

Though successful, graphic designer Micah Berenger is frustrated with his work. He can’t figure out where he’s gone wrong. He’s interested in locating a mysterious muralist whose work fascinates him. If he can collaborate with this talented street artist, he can find what’s missing and take his designs to the next level.

Lexi Carter works two jobs and has a side hustle drawing caricatures for tourists on the piers in Seattle, Washington. For selfish reasons, she agrees when Micah asks for her help finding the anonymous artist. But Lexi has a secret that might shatter his trust in her.

As they spend more time together, Micah and Lexi discover they’re kindred spirits in their love of art. When she sees his designs lack emotional perspective, she challenges him to recapture his passion for his work. Their bond strengthens as he opens up to her and they both want more than an artistic relationship.

Neither one is ready for love, yet how can they help it when they realize they’re soul mates?

AVAILABLE IN: PaperBack, eBook