Lilianna’s Curse

Witty and Classy - Irreverent, yet Touching

Once, a Gypsy maid and an English lord fell in love, only to be tragically cursed. Now, their spirits must show a stubborn American descendant 
that the love of his lady is worth far more than vengeance. 
Can they help him see that only forgiveness will bring true happiness?

In Olde England, Gypsy maid Lilianna fell in love with English Lord Stephen Wentworth. But the couple came to a tragic end when a vengeful crone cursed them and their union. The only remembrances of their love were a ring—and a child. The Gypsy curse of no home, no family, and no love has plagued their descendants ever since.

American Luke Bennett’s parents died shortly after losing everything in a bad business deal, leaving him grieving and destitute. Now a successful land developer, his over-riding goal is revenge on the family of the man he believes took everything from his. He’s going to buy his enemy’s home in order to destroy it. Even meeting the man’s lovely, spirited daughter will not sway him from his path … until he’s visited by a pair of determined spirits.

Though she has happy memories of her family home, Cori Tremaine wants to sell it. She can’t run a Kentucky horse farm while pursuing her career as a globetrotting photojournalist. The first person she meets when she returns home is a brooding, magnetic man whose touch ignites a vision of ghostly lovers … and a longing for more. But with the curse at work, her life is in danger.

Will Luke allow his family’s ancient curse to lead him to a lonely life without Cori, or can he break the curse, save her, and their love?