Winter: Book Three of The Matchmaker Chronicles

Witty and Classy - Irreverent, yet Touching

She was his first love, the one who walked away.

Rico Edison found the perfect for him woman when he was a teenager. He was the high school heartthrob. She was the Brainiac nerd next door.

A misunderstanding derailed their romance.

Over a decade later, he’s hoping help from meddling matchmakers will provide him the second chance he needs to get her back.

What will it take for him to earn her trust?

Theresa Wilkins never got over his betrayal. The sting is still there. How can she risk giving her heart to the man who broke it?

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Both alone. Both lonely.

Allie Thompson gives her time and money to help people, but goes home to an empty apartment. She reconnects with Mac who stays by her side during a difficult time.

Mac McConnell is surrounded by people and travels the world, yet has no one. When his friendship with Allie turns into romance, he knows he’s not good enough for her.

They were childhood friends. Can they be more to each other?

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