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Lilianna’s Curse

“Loved this book as much as the others written by Janis McCurry. The storyline is intricate and compelling. Janis’s writing style is endearing. She can’t write/publish books fast enough for me.”

Revealing Rebecca

“I very rarely give a book five stars, but this one came close. From the first, I loved Rebecca. And Jack. *sigh* A shy librarian agrees to pretend to be a stripper to save her twin and along the way, falls in love with the handsome, stoic cop. I’d like to know these characters in real life.

“Superb. When a book starts out with “Rebecca Morgan’s right pastie fell off as she opened her car door …” you know there has to be a good story to follow. Such was the case with “Revealing Rebecca.” The writing is clever and smart — a notch above any other romance novel author I’ve read.

Basically, I had given up on romantic/suspense novels because they had become so simplistic and an insult to my intelligence. Thankfully, I found this author, Janis McCurry. Her writing is richer and more sophisticated. It’s an easy, fast read, however, I do find myself looking up the definitions of words here and there. Who would guess that a romance novel would broaden my vocabulary of words I can use in public.

The bottom line is that I loved the storyline, the characters, and writing.

“I fell in love with the heroes and heroines immediately!! The title lives up to the name! Twists and turns made it a one night read! Great job by the author leaving it open for a few secondary characters to have their own story line!! I hope there is a sequel!!”

“I really enjoyed this book. It was a sexy, light, fun read with a great premise…Wild stripper twin exchanging lives with her conservative librarian twin. What’s not to love about that? Great, fun read!”

Summer: Book One of The Matchmaker Chronicles

It’s not very often you find new authors with the ability to create a book filled with wonderful characters and a riveting storyline, but Ms. Mapp and Ms. McCurry have done just that. Rina and Maggie, the matchmakers are great, but what really hooked me was the relationships between the matchmakers. 🙂 Is that even a word? I was rooting for Ander and Noelle along with Jenn and Finn as they learned to trust each other. For the first time in a long time, I found a book I couldn’t put down. I can’t wait to hear more about the Mama Matchmakers.”

“This charming story is full of fun, humor, and heart! I can’t wait to see what trouble Maggie and Rina get into next as they play matchmaker to unsuspecting people. Waiting for the next book (and season).”

“I loved the playfulness throughout the book. The romance was presented in a classy manner — a step above the other romance novels I’ve read.

I found myself envious of the relationships between Ander and Jenn, Maggie and Rina, and Maggie and Finn. Everyone was so down to earth and relatable. I couldn’t help but wonder if Maggie and Rina were patterned after the two authors. Wish I had a chance to hang with them.

“This author duo did a fantastic job! I found myself smiling as I related to Maggie and Rina “helping” their children out with the right relationship, AKA loving moms that get into some predicaments!! I enjoyed this book and look forward to more escapades with all of the characters in the future!!

“Fun, touching, engaging. Love the viewing the mating dance from multiple vantage points: generations, moms, children, across cultures – lots of real world difference as a backdrop. The vernacular was right on for the characters. Enjoyed!!
Bought for friends.”

Hazard Play

“I loved the characters in Hazard Play. I can imagine having nurse Tess Hazard as a friend and bounty hunter SD Bailey is a heartthrob. Throw in an asthmatic embezzler and McCurry has written a winner.”

“Poker, hot bounty hunter and a cute nurse make for an exciting read. I love the funny names throughout the book. I caught myself laughing out loud a few times. Well done!!”

Brilliant. Clever dialog with twists and turns until the end. Great combination of romance, suspense, and humor. This is the first book I’ve read from this author and I’ll definitely be reading more.”

A captivating, page-turning read. I thoroughly enjoyed Tess and Bailey’s story.